VWCS Rebrands with New Websites/Logos

Van Wert City Schools recently announced its visual rebranding, including the launch of the newly rebuilt and reimagined website, vwcs.net. Van Wert City Schools has also adopted several logos, which include the new slogan: “Education — Innovation — Tradition”.

“Education is our first and foremost priority for our students,” explained Bill Clifton, VWCS administrative assistant to the superintendent. “Innovation encompasses our belief that the world is constantly changing and we must adapt our methods to best prepare our students for tomorrow.

“And finally, tradition, because we believe that our past helps shape our future and we cannot move forward without remembering where we came from,” Clifton added.


VWCS has always prided itself on being an innovator within the classroom and wanted a better way of showcasing its students’ experiences with the community.

A district website, as well as four new building websites, went live August 1. VWCS also plans to add a new athletic website in the coming months. The new websites were created with the help of VWCS alumna Taylor Ford (class of 2011) and included several enhancements:

  • Simplified platform for organization and ease of viewing.
  • Responsive design to optimize user experience across devices.

Easier access for those maintaining the site so information is always up-to-date.

Van Wert City Schools developed their Strategic Plan in 2016 which identified Public Relations as one of the top five goals. VWCS continually tries to stay relevant in today’s world and creating a formal plan was the catalyst for change. “It’s essential to find ways to market ourselves in today’s world,” said Clifton. “Our former superintendent, Ken Amstutz, understood the importance of educating our community on what we do and made the implementation of our district vision a priority.”

District residents should visit each of the websites to gain a better understanding of what VWCS students are learning and achieving every day. They can navigate the various menu options by clicking on the three bars in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. District websites include the following: