VWFT Reports Successful Scholarship Supper

The Van Wert Federation of Teachers recently hosted their annual scholarship supper at the Goedde Building prior to the homecoming football game, raising $3,439.00 in scholarship money for the class of 2019. The picnic supper is overseen by Anita Zuber, a middle school English/Language Arts teacher and chairperson of the Van Wert City Schools Ways and Means Committee.

Money raised at the annual supper goes to supporting students in the graduating class who choose to pursue a major in education. Those who apply have the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship totaling anywhere from $500 to $1,000. Those awarded receive the scholarship at the beginning of their sophomore year in college. “Our children are the future of America and we enjoy supporting many of our own as future teachers,” says VWFT president Jeff Hood. Currently, there are thirteen Van Wert alumni employed at area schools who were awarded this very scholarship upon their graduation.

 Anita and her team would like to thank all of the VWCS employees who gave of their time and finances by selling dinner tickets, donating items for the dinner, and volunteering their time preparing and serving the dinner, as well as cleaning up at the end of the night. VWCS staff members Randy Baer and Todd Keller also lend a big hand setting up and tearing down tables and chairs for the event. VWFT appreciates the continued support of our community and those who came out to enjoy an evening dedicated to our graduates and future teachers.


Former VWFT Scholarship Winners

1983-1984  Mary Ann (Allen) Falk  *Vantage Career Center Technology Integration Specialist

1984-1985  Dennis Lindsay

1985-1986  Sonia (Purmort) Newbright

1986-1987  Jetta (Kramer) Kaune

1987-1988  Tracy (Werth) Wahl

1988-1989  Jill (Dunlap) Fast *Van Wert Elementary Second Grade Teacher

1989-1990  Kristi Griffith

1990-1991  Marty (Minnig) Hohman *Van Wert Middle School STEM Teacher & Nancy (Reyman) Eberle

1991-1992  Ruth Ann (Black) Dowler *Van Wert City Schools Special Services Coordinator & Heidi (Knodel) Arney *Van Wert Middle School Intervention Specialist

1992-1993  Carrie (Parrish) Waid & Kristin (Wolke) Whitlock

1993-1994  Terry Hauter  & Angie Rittenour

1994-1995  Erin Shelby & Rebecca (Schnepp) Doctor *Van Wert Early Childhood Center Preschool Teacher

1995-1996  Carrie (Okuley) Geers & Kendra (Parrish) Clementz

1996-1997  Nick VanAusdall; Melissa (Davis) Krendl; Erika (Rhoades) Berner & Erin (Schiedt) Lynch

1997-1998  Andrea (Edwards) Sealscott *Van Wert Elementary First Grade Teacher & Lydia (Clay) Mendenhall

1998-1999  Rebecca (Covey) Strickler; Alisha (Geissler) Buchanan & Mandy Army

1999-2000  Rachel Rohrs *Lincolnview Jr./Sr. High Math Teacher & John Shell

2000-2001  Sara (Smart) Lehman & Brian Johnson

2001-2002  Sarah Kleinhenz & Ashley Blair

2002-2003  Emily Rohrs & Emily (Sealscott) Holliday

2003-2004  Aubri (Long) Rench & Ella (Manken) Stoller

2004-2005  Aaron Mills & Katie Bagley

2005-2006  Kayla (Manken) Stiles

2006-2007  Alissa (Prichard) McDonald & Nehemiah Murphy

2007-2008 Molly Steele & Aaron Bagley

2008-2009 Britni Dunlap *Van Wert Elementary Intervention Specialist & Jared Army *Van Wert Elementary Intervention Specialist

2009-2010 Becca Hurless & Katie Adelblue  *Van Wert High School Social Studies

2010-2011 Courtney Barna & Katie Bono

2011-2012 Kelsey Rodman & Samantha (Heppeard) Fleming *Van Wert Elementary Fourth Grade Teacher

2012-2013 Scott Turner; Colton Royer *Van Wert Elementary Intervention Specialist & Matt Saunier

2013-2014 Holly Lawson & Andrea Foster

2014-2015 Elizabeth Keirns & Ethan Williams

2015-2016 Chris Kraner ($1,000); Skylar Senters ($1,000); Jakob Schaufelberger ($500) & Courtney White ($500)

2016-2017  Mackenzee Dunning ($1,000); Sarah Vogt ($750) & Madison Buecker ($500)

2017-2018 Miranda Sinning ($1,000); Julia Springer ($1,000); Kaylin Bledsoe ($500) & Maddux McCray ($500)