Van Wert Fire & EMS Provides Simulation for VWHS Students

Van Wert High School students in Mr. Rollins’ Biomedical class were treated to an unexpected surprise on Monday. Van Wert Fire & EMS demonstrated how they respond to an emergency by providing a live simulation for the class. Mr. Rollins was first on the scene to find Mrs. Garcia, the medical mannequin used in the simulation, unresponsive and called 9-1-1. He ushered the first responders onto the scene and they provided a first-hand look at how they respond to this type of scenario by attempting to provide Mrs. Garcia with an IV, starting CPR, and even using a defibrillator. With little response from Mrs. Garcia, they stabilized her for transport and rushed her out the door to the ambulance.

 VWHS students look on as Van Wert Fire & EMS first responders provide first aid during a simulation. 

After completing the simulation, the first responders walked the students through the scene, from the ABC’s of first aid (airway, breathing, and circulation) to the medicines administered on-scene to the various types of equipment used, including their new AutoPulse resuscitation system. While the Van Wert Fire & EMS average response time is only five minutes, it’s crucial that people know how to help while waiting for an ambulance to arrive; if a person is not breathing, they can begin to suffer brain damage in as little as four to six minutes.

A huge thank you to Van Wert Fire Department staff Craig King, Ed Carter, and Pat Freeman for providing the simulation!

 VWHS students with Van Wert Fire & EMS crew