VWES 100 Mile Club Kicks Off for 2018-2019 School Year

The philosophy is simple: We believe that every single individual has the ability to achieve true personal success and a new level of physical fitness by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 Miles at school during a single school year.  These feelings of true personal success and fitness are ones that will carry an individual to new levels of achievement in all areas:  academics, athletics, and implementation of the valuable life skills identified in the bricks of Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.”

Milestones are celebrated and rewarded beginning at 25 miles with a t-shirt designed to show off a student’s accomplishments during the year. Runners receive a golden pencil at 50 miles and wristband at 75 miles. All students receive a certificate of completion no matter the miles earned. Children who reach 100 miles will be rewarded with a medal at our Year-End Medal Ceremony. Student progress is tracked through QR codes that are scanned with each lap, which are then totaled to find the miles each student completed. 

Impact of 100 Mile Club™ on Van Wert Elementary:

  • Involvement of all students in grades 3-5 (400+ students)
  • Increases physical activity by 125 minutes weekly
  • Increased physical activity allows the students to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall health increased physical activity provides students more energy and alertness, improved attendance, and higher self-esteem
  • Provides opportunity for students to set and achieve goals