January is board appreciation month with pictures of the 5 board members
Van Wert Middle School administration pose with Santa by the Christmas tree
The middle school choir performs their annual Christmas concert
Students create a circuit in science class with Christmas lights
Middle school students dressed in togas
Students smile during a tour of Vantage Career Center
Students get to try out some new skills on computers during their Vantage Career Center tour
We Are Van Wert Cougars, good luck winter athletes
Van Wert City Schools 153 years with a picture of the Cougar Pride wall
Congratulations Times Bulletin Readers' Choice Winners: Van Wert City Schools, Van Wert ECC, Charlie Witten, Bob Priest, Denise Nicoali

Principal's Message

We at VWMS believe that middle school is a time when students begin to emerge as independent thinkers and start taking ownership of their learning.  During these years, students are shaping their beliefs and creating habits while developing the knowledge, skills, and attributes they will need to be successful in the years to come.  Our goal is to provide students with engaging and authentic learning experiences that will allow them to thrive educationally, emotionally, and socially.  We strive to become partners with families and Van Wert Community stakeholders so that we can support each student in a positive manner.  

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Mission Statement

Van Wert City Schools will continue to be a source of Cougar Pride while providing each student a quality education through innovative instructional methods and technology.