Students sing songs during their Thanksgiving feast
Kindergarten students at their Thanksgiving feast
Preschool and Kindergarten students share lunch together for their Thanksgiving feast
Students during their Thanksgiving feast
Students sit inside their parachute tent in gym class
Students play with a parachute in gym class
Local veterans were honored at the ECC Veteran's Day assembly
Students sit with their someone special they invited to the Veteran's Day assembly
Children pose in front of a Veteran's Day banner
Students sing a song to the veterans during the Veteran's Day assembly
Mrs. Hood's class pose by the cake table before the Veteran's Day assembly
A child's drawing "freedom is taking a walk on a sunny day"
ECC is the proud recipient of an "A" from the State Board of Education for attendance

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Van Wert City Schools will continue to be a source of Cougar Pride while providing each student a quality education through innovative instructional methods and technology.