Van Wert County Girls Bake $1,000 Worth of Cupcakes

Posted On: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Adria Webster and Linkyn Bailey pose together

Adria Webster and Linkyn Bailey pose together. (DHI Media/Jim Langham)


Van Wert sixth-grader Adria Webster and Lincolnview’s Linkyn Bailey each baked and sold $500 worth of cupcakes towards this year’s “Cupcake War,” which was handled in virtual fashion.

“Everybody made their cupcakes, took pictures of them and sent them in for photographic display,” said Van Wert County United Way director Vicki Smith.

Smith said that there was a total of 24 cupcake displays virtually, 24 bakers and 24 agencies. Votes were cast through the internet with cupcake votes going at $5 a piece and votes for the various agencies also raising funding.

Webster baked chocolate and white cupcakes and sold them at $20 a dozen. Bailey baked cupcake pops and also sold hers for $20 a dozen. Each girl raised $500 in their efforts. Purchasers emailed in their orders and then picked them up at the United Way headquarters. In the end, the two girls’ totals were combined and they donated $1,000 toward the Community Health Professionals, the agency that accumulated $1,690 through votes it received. Coupled with the girls’ $1,000 donation, CHP raised a total of $2,690. The total intake of all of the agencies proved to be $6,540.

“This was really fun. I spent several hours doing this,” said Webster. “Since I was a kid, I always liked doing fundraising and helping others. Helping others is something I’ve always been able to do and do it right.”

“Things haven’t been the best in many ways because of the pandemic,” said Bailey. “Whether people got the virus, lost their jobs or were hurt in other ways, I wanted to do all that I could to help them. Baking these cupcakes and cupcake pops and selling them to raise funds is one way that I could do it.”

Webster said that she has helped with other fundraisers along the way. In addition, she has been active in various community activities including school basketball and volleyball, her church youth group and various Bible studies.

Bailey said that she enjoys making the cupcake pops because of the methodology that goes into it, including baking a cake and then preparing to drop a stick into chunks of cake with icing on them.

At Lincolnview Junior High School, Bailey is involved with basketball, volleyball and softball. In addition, she enjoys doing graphic design and gardening in 4-H and is active in her church youth group.

“They worked really hard,” said Smith. “Each created their own videos of making their cupcakes. They are very giving, creative young ladies. We really appreciate their effort in this.”


Original article courtesy of Times Bulletin

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