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Public Notice: Van Wert County Business Advisory Council Joint Statement



The Van Wert Area Business Advisory Council, established in 2018, serves as a vital bridge between our local educational institutions and the business community. Comprising school superintendents, business leaders, and economic development partners, the council convenes monthly to foster collaboration and commu nication.

Our primary objective is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers in our community. To achieve this, we have planned a series of events throughout the 2024-25 school year, including job fairs, student tours, and job shadowing experiences at local businesses, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, we are proud of "Education on Location," a three-credit college course hosted by the council. This initiative provides educators with firsthand exposure to local businesses, enabling them to incorporate relevant workforce skills into their curriculum.

Recognizing the critical shortage of skilled trades workers, we partner with local stakeholders to organize the Build Your Future event, which saw participation from over 400 students across five school districts. Through hands-on activities and informative sessions, students gained valuable insights into various trades, including HVAC, electrical work, welding, carpentry, and construction.

To further guide students in their career exploration, we have implemented YouScience, a program funded by Vantage Career Center that serves 12 area school districts including Van Wert City Schools and Lincolnview Local Schools. This innovative platform utilizes engaging 'brain games t to identify students' aptitudes and match them with high-demand careers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future. In addition to these initiatives, we have facilitated connections between educators and business leaders by compiling a database of willing speakers who are eager to share insights about their organizations, educational pathways, and personal experiences with students.

Our overarching goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges facing local employers and to forge lasting partnerships that benefit students, businesses, and residents alike in Van Wert County.


Kathy Mollenkopf, Crestview Local Schools

Jeffrey Snyder, Lincolnview Local Schools

Rick Turner, Vantage Career Center

Mark Bagley, Van Wert City Schools

Amanda Miller, Business Advisory Council