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Public Notice: Van Wert County Business Advisory Council Joint Statement



The Van Wert Business Advisory Council (VWBAC) was formed in 2018 to enhance communication and encourage cooperation between the educational community and the business community. The council meets monthly, and representation on this joint committee includes local school superintendents, guidance counselors, invested business, healthcare, and manufacturing company officials as well as economic development partners. Members of the council are informed monthly of changes in the local economy and/or job market in addition to information provided on future employment opportunities. The council works together to identify opportunities that better prepare students to meet the workforce needs of local employers. 


Event planning by the Van Wert Business Advisory Council includes facilitation of student tours within local businesses, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities. The council created a three-credit college course hosted for one week in the month of June entitled Education on Location. As a part of the course, area educators tour area businesses to increase awareness of necessary skill sets that can be reinforced within teachers' instructional lessons and classroom discussions. Additionally, educators hear directly from local employers regarding employment opportunities for students. The Business Advisory Council also embraces opportunities for in-depth roundtable discussions with specific local employers in efforts to meet current workforce demands; one such roundtable has included all healthcare providers in the county with a targeted focus on taking action to meet the growing demand for quality healthcare workers at local healthcare facilities. The council also maintains a partnership with OhioMeansJobs to optimize the use of available training resources that benefit both students and area residents. 


The Van Wert Business Advisory Council's goals include embracing a greater understanding of challenges facing local employers and maintaining ongoing relationships that work toward tangible benefits for the students and residents of Van Wert County. 



Kathy Mollenkopt, Crestview Local Schools

Jeffrey Snyder, Lincolnview Local Schools

Rick Turner, Vantage Career Center

Vicki Brunn, Van Wert City Schools

Stacy Adam, Business Advisory Council